Wound Care Specialist in San Diego

You and your loved ones can come see us here at AFC Urgent Care San Diego for wound care. If you have a loved one with diabetes, we can provide minor wound care for them. And since wounds require urgent attention and we can provide it, you can come see us right away without having to make an appointment first. Drop in today to see a wound care specialist in San Diego.

Wound Care Specialist in San Diego

Does urgent care treat wounds?

Yes, you can go to urgent care for the treatment of wounds. Keep in mind, though, that only minor wounds can be treated at urgent care, and major ones need to be treated at the ER (emergency room). A major wound is one that is or could be life-threatening, like an avulsion. The following list will help you understand when to go to urgent care or the ER for a wound:

  • For an abrasion – This is a minor scrape, like road rash, which urgent care can handle
  • For a laceration – This wound is a deeper cut or a minor tear in the skin, like a cut from a blade; urgent care can handle lacerations that are bleeding controllably, but the ER must handle lacerations that are bleeding uncontrollably
  • For a puncture – A puncture is a small hole made in the skin by something like a nail; an urgent care clinic is able to handle punctures that don’t damage an organ, but the ER must handle punctures that do damage an organ
  • For an avulsion – An avulsion is a life-threatening wound in which the skin and tissue is partially torn away, possibly due to an injury from something like a car accident; only the ER can handle avulsions

It’s best to go to urgent care for minor wounds because if you go to the ER instead, you’ll have to wait for service. But only the ER is equipped to handle life-threatening wounds, so that’s the only option for these wounds.

What does a wound care clinic do?

A wound care/urgent care clinic like ours can treat minor wounds. This means you can get treatments like bandages for scrapes, stitches for cuts, tetanus shots and treatments for punctures, and other treatments for minor wounds. Pain relief medication can be provided too.

Also, a clinic like ours can handle diabetic wounds if they’re non-life-threatening and non-infected. It’s really important to be careful with diabetic wounds, as one might seem minor but actually be life-threatening. If you’re a diabetic, you should examine a diabetic wound closely and make a careful decision about whether to go to the ER or urgent care. So long as there’s no organ damage, the wound is bleeding controllably, it isn’t infected, and it isn’t life-threatening in any other way, urgent care will be able to handle it.

What type of doctor does wound care?

For wound care, what you want is a wound care specialist. This professional understands wounds, their severity, and treatments for them, and you’ll find one at a clinic like ours in San Diego. An appointment isn’t necessary.

Do you have a wound care specialist in San Diego?

Yes, we do! AFC Urgent Care San Diego has a location near you with a wound care specialist. We actually have multiple locations in the city, so please see our Locations page for the one nearest you. You’ll find directions and contact information on that page too. You can come visit us without having to make an appointment first.

We hope you and your loved ones are well, but if you need to come see us for wound care, we hope to see you soon!